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Code. Eat. Play. Pitch. Win. A hackathon for our community, by our community.

Jun 28 - 29
Pleasanton, CA
$0 Admission
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code. eat. play. pitch. win. learn. build. innovate. create. collaborate. compete.

About Us.

Tri-Valley Hacks is one of the Bay Area's only hackathons that encourages high school students to develop an innovative project concept and pitch it for cash awards. You'll learn about a range of computer science topics, compete, and have fun with friends in less than a day at this totally free event!

Who We Are
We are the driving force behind innovation and collaboration in the Tri-Valley community. Our shared love of creativity and technological innovation brings people together to create a welcoming and exciting hackathon community. Our network serves as a gathering place for aspirational developers, innovators, and visionaries who use their limitless imagination and practical problem-solving skills to shape the future.
What We Do
At Tri-Valley Hacks, we curate hackathons that are transformative and enable attendees to reach their full potential. We provide an environment that is conducive to learning, experimenting, and networking through our thoughtfully planned hackathon and the plethora of opportunities that accompany it.


What is Tri-Valley Hacks?

Tri-Valley Hacks is the first 24 hour hackathon in the Tri-Valley area for high schoolers. Tri-Valley Hacks hopes to empower the next generation of Bay Area youth into learning the intricacies of the world around them through the collaborative opportunities present at hackathons.

Who can come?

Tri-Valley Hacks is open to all high schoolers, even ones outside the Bay Area. If you're a high schooler, we would love for you to join!

How do I join or form a team?

While you are welcome to form your own teams before coming to the hackathon, don't worry if you don't have a team yet. We will keep time at the beginning of the event to form teams if you don't bring one. Teams can have a maximum of five people.

How much does registration cost?

Tri-Valley Hacks is completely free, so sign up and have some fun!

What if I don't know how to code?

No worries! We have plenty of workshops designed to help you, as well as mentors ready to assist you! There is also a high chance most of your team can code, so you may be able to play another pivotal role on the team.

I have another question.

Feel free to reach out to us at

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